- Michelle Birch


Welcome to the website of Michelle Birch, Classical Guitarist

 "I've been playing the guitar since I was seven and that's way too long ago to say just how long! Suffice to say that I'm still learning, still pursuing those exquisite moments when everything just comes together and that moment of "duende" - of being "in the zone" - touches me. I love seeing that in other people too, and that's what drives me as a teacher and performer. To enable others to feel that moment of truth, of absolute, profound, authenticity." - Michelle Birch.

Known as a warm and encouraging teacher and an experienced performer, Michelle is based in the Auckland area of New Zealand. Orchestrator of a busy teaching studio, there are sometimes vacancies for new students. If you wish to register, go to the Registration page and enter your details, and Michelle will get back to you.

You can also:

see any public notices relating to upcoming concerts and events

follow links to useful sources for items such as sheetmusic, aural tests, guitar supports and more

download free resources such as note charts, manuscript paper, theory books, and flash cards

listen to recordings, including some YouTube links to recordings of Michelle or other students!


If you are already a student of Michelle's, you can do the following:

login to find out what comments and reminders have been put into your attended lessons boxes

see how much you owe (or don't as the case may be!)

check on which lessons your child has attended if you are unable to be at lessons